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Tahhan Tech is specialized in the import and export of iron and building materials and the sale of truck spare parts and maintenance (Scania – Volvo – Man – Mercedes – Benz) because of the renaissance and development of the world market in the field of heavy transport, and the country enjoys a relatively large geographical area, and distant distribution Between the cities and places of residential and commercial communities, which are based on many projects in the fields of construction, roads, infrastructure, etc., the founders of Tahan Tek put these data in mind and they founded the blessing of God founded the company in 1988 relying on God first and their experiences and insights Ambition In the areas of trade, marketing and heavy transport, and their determination to move forward and develop and succeed, and believing that “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step,” this small step, which began modest but confident and steady, and with the success of God rolled the steps and still until the name of the company today pioneer and prestigious In the field of truck spare parts and maintenance (new and used), the company is also located, in Syria, Aleppo, Turkey, Gaziantep and in the Netherlands, Utrecht. The company includes an equipped warehouse and a number of vehicles. The company employs (18) employees and technicians trained and qualified to provide the best Services for parties While using the modern systems, mechanisms and equipment that meet their needs and requirements and given the credibility and success of our company, it has obtained many licenses to distribute the products of many of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing truck parts, as the company is seeking to obtain more exclusive agencies for the most important companies The company provides spare parts for many types of commonly used trucks such as (Scania – Volvo – Man – Mercedes – Benz), which specializes in the export of spare parts and trucks in Turkey, the Netherlands and Syria if not the only one, and deal with Many customers (local and foreign individuals and companies) and enjoy a good reputation they have to work hard to meet all the market and provided the best brands needs and the most suitable price

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The company is committed to providing a high level of services and products in accordance with quality standards, and the company is keen to satisfy its customers and provide everything they need, the company firmly believes that the process of development linked to human resources and openness to the global market and competitiveness


Tahhan Tech Truck Parts & Maintenance Co. aims to become the leading company in the level of truck spare parts trading companies in Turkey and Syria region